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Evan Schallack.


Evan Schallack is a post production specialist hailing from Chicago, IL. He currently works at Questar Entertainment, an OTT video distribution and production company, where he plays a key role in the post production process of several shows, collaborating with other editors to develop compelling stories.

He also plays a pivotal role in architecting delivery solutions, maintaining several video and metadata pipelines that automate the transformation and asset aggregation process, utilizing the power of python and several technologies.

Before Questar, he worked at Fossa Media Group, a video production house, where he crafted stories through post production for clients like Chevrolet, and celebrity chefs. Through analysis of client's content performance, he discovered effective editing techniques, increasing engagement by +400%.

Evan is always open to new opportunities.

For inquiries:
P: 414-736-6573

Contact -

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